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Who We Are

We founded Fomitu Little Handmade Treasures in 2008 when we decided that we have to act, at last, upon our need to create our versions of jewelry. Many friends told us we should do it. And we value our friends and their opinions, so we went for it! With small but steady steps, we became the Fomitu Sisters, Maria and Fotini, and we named our little business from the first letters of our names. 

We use almost all kinds of materials and we let our imagination run. We don't stop at jewelry, but we also make decoration elements, charms,  easter candles, hair accessories, bags and... well, everything else that excites our creativity!

In 2015 we decided to take another step, and so we made our first wedding treats. And then our first wedding. And our first baptism. Wedding and baptism treats. Church decoration, festive events (wedding parties, baptism, birthdays, etc) but this wasn't enough. We wanted to create more things, that would be unique for each case. So we make bracelets for the bride and her friends, hangers for the wedding dress with the event's special theme and/or elements for the little flower girls...

With our years of experience in creating, decorating and arranging all those specialties, we know we have much to give. That special touch of pretty, fashionable, warm and original. 

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